Answers to Dear Psychic queries are provided by the graduates and students of Psychic Awakenings’ Clairvoyant Awareness Program (CAP).

Dear Psychic,
I’m a 37-year-old man and I’ve been homeless for about five years. I’ve adjusted to living like this. But sometimes I wonder why I haven’t been able to get my life together. Please help me.

Dear P.Z.,
I see the word -trashed. The image is of a boy standing on a doorstep muddy or dirty, with the mother scolding -“you can’t come in, the house will be trashed.” I see that small child standing hulk like, as if he has a hair suit or grassy coating. He is rocking on the doorstep as he grows and becomes a man. There he is, accepting his place outside on the doorstep. You still carry this feeling of not belonging inside with you. I hear you telling yourself ” It is wise to wait outside until the mother has calmed down.” It is like you are still left still standing on the doorstep with no place to wash up. I feel that you can release this old experience. Now you are now grown, you can let it go. Drop it on the doorstep and come in. When it comes to the heart, you have great love for your mother, you understood that she was possibly carrying or caring for another child at the time, and was very sensitive. You give her so much credit for being sensitive, but you give your self none. You are a sensitive and dear man who is worthy of being inside. You don’t have to wait for someone to tell you its OK to go in.
S.L., CAP Graduate

Dear P.Z.,
Please consider remembering the ways in which each link between you and your social safety network was broken, as look at what was yours and what was “fate”. In the sense of, were you a foster child ejected at 18, or did you in some way force your loving, supporting family to “give up on me” – did you get laid off, or were you fired for absenteeism? Are your health problems self-induced, or genetic? To the degree that you find your part of the equation, that is where your power to change your life is. But the first word that comes to me, immediately, in Finnish style (minimal words and to the point) is addiction. So if you are now ready to take your inventory and do the work, a new life is awaiting you. I see that you are someone who has spent a lot of time hiding both from others but more importantly and fatally, from yourself.

I see that there’s an uninhabited body that you could move into if you’re up for it. It needs a little work but it would be really beneficial to yourself and everyone around you if you take it on. Another convenience – it already has your name on it. Seriously, your name is on the lease and it’s a life estate. Then again, if you don’t want to live there, no judgement. It’s just that in that case the streets will remain your home.
L.W., CAP Student

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